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Watch this Kid Unsuccessfully Try to Sneak Up on Family Security Camera

His noble effort was foiled by the wide-angle lens.

Jeremy Gabrysch

Security cameras are meant to catch people trying to break into the house, but they most often end up with footage of pets getting familiar with the couch cushion or kids being their weird selves. Jeremy Gabrysch caught footage of the latter, which he uploaded for our enjoyment — and some gentle public humiliation. His living room Nest camera caught his son going all Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment to disable the device, which he likely knows is always watching him misbehave. Unfortunately for the kid — and fortunately for us — he underestimated the wide-angle view of the camera and his covert antics were captured in crisp HD.

In the clip, scouted by Sploid, Jeremy’s son makes a noble attempt at sneaking towards the camera. He crawls. He slides. He makes each move with the delicacy of someone who genuinely believes he is out of the camera’s view. Unfortunately for this little scoundrel, that’s clearly not the case. The camera caught his entire attempted shut-down, rendering his finely-crafted plan useless.

What, per se, was this kid planning on doing when the camera was out? An all-night dance party? A Daniel Tiger marathon? Maybe he just wanted to build some damn LEGOs without dad watching his every move. Even if his son had been able to reach the camera without detection, Jeremy would have been alerted that someone was trying to shut down his security camera. Still, this kid has some stealth skills. Maybe set up a backyard obstacle course to hone his skills.