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These Sisters Spotted Maui from ‘Moana’ Working a Register at Costco and He Played Along Perfectly

To be fair, he looks exactly like Maui.


When Ryley and Rylyn Rivera agreed to go to a Honolulu Costco with their mom, they certainly never expected to run into a real-life demigod. But when the sisters saw that Maui from Moana was working as a cashier, they were understandably shocked to find such a legendary figure employed at the local bulk goods emporium. The shape-shifting, deity-doppelganger not only looked remarkably similar to the Rock’s cartoon character, he also possessed much of Dwayne Johnson’s good humor. So when the two girls expressed their excitement at getting to meet Maui face-to-face, he happily played along.

The girls’ mom, Rella Rivera, took a video of Ryley and Rylyn meeting “Maui” during checkout. After they both let him know they were fans, the awesome cashier even invited them behind the register to take a photo. The girls happily agreed and pose with “Maui”, who belts out the character’s signature yell as the three are posing.

According to Rella, every time Ryley and Rylyn have come back to Costco since then, they always see if “Maui” is working so they can say hi. Rella also explains in the video description that the cashier’s real name is Will and he is consistently approached by kids asking if he is the real-life version of Maui. Apparently, Will previously worked at Aulani Disney resort and still makes appearances as the character at birthday parties. But even when he is working at Costco, Will often stays in character when kids come up and talk to him, knowing how much it means to them.