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‘Sesame Street’ Pulls Off the Perfect ‘Stranger Things’ Parody

Beware of the Cookiegorgon.

Sesame Street/HBO

Stranger Things has reached peak cultural phenomenon. Case in point: it just got the full Sesame Street parody treatment, complete with a Cookie Monster Demogorgon.

Called “Sharing Things,” Sesame Street’s rendition of the hit Netflix show was, unsurprisingly, spot on (and kid-friendly). In the six-minute video, the Cookie Monster plays the Cookiegorgon who’s frustrated because he ate all the food in the Snackside Down. He heads to the real world on Halloween to find some candy from a couple of mischievous and precocious trick-or-treaters played by Grover and Ernie.

The Cookiegorgon is quickly spotted by Chief Hopper (cleverly played by a rabbit) but pretends to be in costume like everyone else. However, Cookiegorgon’s selfishness and unwillingness to share any candy or non-spoiled pumpkins upset everyone who is just looking to eat their delicious candy. The Cookiegorgon is about to chow down on a plate of delicious homemade cookies when Eleven — played by the literal number 11 —decides to teach him a lesson about sharing and friendship. Cookiegorgon learns that sharing truly is caring and the whole gang enjoys some tasty cookies.

Sesame Street has a track record of making spot-on parodies of adult shows and movies, including Mad Men, Harry Potter, and The Walking Dead. And there’s always a keen eye for detail. While your kid may not get all of the laser-accurate references in “Sharing Things,” you’ll find yourself chuckling at the appearance of Eleven’s sister or Cookiegorgon finally ensuring #justiceforbarb. It would be easy for Sesame Street to do a lazy, broad spoof that simply used a popular show to try and get attention. But even after 48 years, Sesame Street still has the goods and delivered a carefully crafted, incredibly entertaining parody.