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Watch Ronaldo’s 7-Year-Old Son Show Off His Soccer Skills

Ronaldo's son appears to have inherited his old man's incredible abilities.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior might only be seven years old but a recent video shows he is already well on his way to mastering the art of the free kick, just like his old man.

The footage came as a result of Rio Ferdinand, a former teammate of Ronaldo who decided to head to the Real Madrid star’s home for an interview about his life, career, and family. While there, Ferdinand quickly took notice of young Junior’s exceptional ball-handling and shooting skills and had the Nike team he brought with him film Junior playing around with the ball.

Eventually, began firing long-range shots that would gorgeously sail into the goal, looking eerily similar to plays his dad might make, and that’s when Ferdinand decided to see how Junior could do against a goalie. Despite Ferdinand’s best efforts, Junior was easily able to knock in several shots, including one beautiful goal that bounced off the crossbar.

This is not the first time Junior has reminded fans of his dad. A video of Junior at a Skills & Goal show from earlier this year (above) has been watched more than 2.5 million times, and it’s easy to see how Junior echoes his dad’s once-in-a-generation skills. Safe to say that this kid’s got a pro career ahead of him.