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Watch This Rocket-Powered RC Car Launch Itself Into the Sky

This souped up toy car is so powerful it doesn't need a ramp to get some serious air.

YouTube/David Windestal

It’s easy to lose faith when browsing the web. Over there are angry trolls engaging in pointless arguments; over here are more angry trolls engaging in even more arguments. But then you see a video, like this rocket-powered remote control car that is so fast and powerful it literally can launch itself into the sky, and are reminded that this amalgam of ones and zeros is pretty fun.

Racing remote control cars is already a blast but YouTuber David Windestal decided to add some danger to RC racing by attaching a real rocket engine to a HobbyKing Desert Fox RC car. As you can see from the video, the results are absolutely wild, as the thrust added from the engine literally causes the tiny toy car to take flight and shoot straight up into the air.

Windestal initially used a massive dirt ramp to try and help his slightly modified RC car launch as high as possible but he quickly realized the pure velocity of the rocket engine nullifies the need for a ramp. So he decides to see what will happen if he tries to launch the car into the air with no ramp or sloping surface of any kind. Somehow, the vehicle ends up going even higher than the first launch while doing several flips. The coolest part of the entire thing is seeing the launch from the camera Windestal attached to the car, as the POV-experience is like getting to ride the world’s most insane roller coaster — or like you’ve been ejected from a cockpit ala John McClane in Die Hard 2.

The only issue for the stunt is, well,  gravity, as each of Windestal’s launches ends with the rocket-powered RC car tumbling back to earth with a ferocious speed that puts it at risk of being destroyed every time it attempts to land. Fortunately, several commenters offered up their advice for making the landing a bit less bumpy, including user LemurLad, who suggested adding a small parachute that will let the souped-up RC racer gracefully sail back down to earth. Even in the comments section, this video proves the Internet can be a pretty sane place.