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‘The Rock’ Celebrates International Women’s Day By Teaching His Daughter ‘Girl Power’

The actor hoped to empower his 2-year-old by helping expand her vocabulary.


Yesterday was International Women’s Day and to celebrate, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to teach his two-year-old daughter Jasmine a few choice phrases that promote female empowerment. The father-daughter vocabulary session started simple enough, with Johnson asking Jasmine to say “Girl Power” ⏤ which she easily did. Next, he tried to get her to say “International Women’s Day.” She skipped the word “International” but pretty much nailed it, and Johnson acknowledged that her adorable attempt was perfect.

From there, however, things did veer a bit off-message for the day. Instead of asking her to say something like “Girls Are The World” or “Smart Like My Mommy” or any another girl-empowering t-shirt slogan, Johnson couldn’t resist trying to get his daughter to throw some praise his way. “Say Daddy is the most handsome, brilliant, sexiest – that might be inappropriate – man alive. Say all that,” he asked next. But Jasmine wasn’t having any of it and refused to give into her dad’s obvious attempt to stroke his ego. She simply smiled and mumbled, “say all that.” Good for her. Johnson took Jasmine’s “perfect” response in stride, apparently unaware that he asked a girl to heap praise on a man on International Woman’s Day, and happily laughed along with his daughter’s unintentional diss.

Still, his intentions were in the right place. Johnson posted the video of him and Jasmine on Instagram with the caption: “Girl power. To every woman out there ‘round the world ⏤ all ages and races ⏤ I proudly stand by your side to always honor, protect and respect. Especially, the loves of my life at home. Now if I can just get Jazzy to say the daddy is the most handsome, brilliant, sexiest man alive part, then we all gonna be cool.” The video clearly resonated with his fans, as it has been viewed more than 10 million times in just 12 hours.