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The Rock Asks Jimmy Kimmel to Be the Doula for His Next Baby

Kimmel said he would be honored to fill-in for Johnson, so long as he doesn't have to cut the umbilical cord.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made an odd request of the late-night host: He asked Kimmel to maybe step in as doula for his kid’s birth. It all began when the late-night host asked the expectant Johnson, expecting a child with his girlfriend Lauren Hashian if his child had been born yet.

Johnson surprised Kimmel and the audience by announcing his baby had been born over the weekend. Hashian had told him that the baby was coming as they were sleeping on Sunday. But it turned out she was just pulling an epic April Fool’s prank on the Fast and Furious star and the baby is still a few weeks away from birth.

However, Johnson admitted that since he is currently traveling around the world doing press for Rampage, his newest movie, he is worried that he may end up missing the birth of his third child. Johnson says he is fully ready to drop whatever he is doing to be there for the birth, which is not expected to happen for a couple weeks, but he is heading to Shanghai this weekend and doesn’t know if he’ll end up making it back in time if the baby is born in the next few days.

Johnson told Kimmel that if he isn’t back for the birth, he would need a friend to step in to be the doula for the birth and then shocked Kimmel by asking him to take his place in the delivery room. Kimmel said he would be more than happy to be the backup dad, except he would not cut the umbilical cord. Obviously, we all hope Johnson is present for the birth of his child but if he does end up missing it, at least he can rest easy knowing that he has a true pro filling in for him.