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Ice-T Sings the ‘Paw Patrol’ Theme Song and Talks Cartoons with Jimmy Fallon

The rapper couldn't help but notice how violent cartoons were when he was a kid.


As he approaches his 60th birthday, few would deny that the peak of Ice-T’s rap career is behind him. But earlier this week, he proved he can still lay down some bars when he delivered an absolute fire rendition of the Paw Patrol theme song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Turns out, Ice-T threw his daughter a Paw Patrol party for her second birthday. And as he was telling Fallon the story, the popular rapper-turned-actor couldn’t help but break into a rendition of the show’s theme song. Even Fallon, who has a well-documented hatred for all things Paw Patrol, had to admit that Ice-T did a nice job bringing some much-needed grit to the overly cheery tune.

Ice-T also spoke with Fallon about the way cartoons have changed since he was a kid, namely, that they’ve gotten considerably less violent. The Law & Order: SVU actor noticed that cartoons like Paw Patrol are much more kid-friendly than the bizarrely grim animation he grew up with, like Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes, where characters were frequently cut into pieces, blown up by dynamite, or shot in the face. That said, there is one classic cartoon character, Ice-T noted, that his daughter still enjoy: Mickey Mouse. And that’s probably because the beloved mouse has remained every bit as wholesome as in his early days as a steamboat conductor.

Finally, Fallon couldn’t resist asking Ice-T about whether his daughter was anything like her old man. Ice-T thought it was too early to tell. Fallon did not, as he pulled out a hilarious photo of Ice-T’s daughter mean-mugging the camera with a ferocity that would scare even the toughest rapper around. The two-year-old had inherited at least one thing from her famous father, Fallon noted to big laughs: his legendary death stare.