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Owen Wilson Talks About Having to Be a Strict Parent and Competing With His Brother

Wilson seems to be worried about the ways "Uncle Woody" and "Uncle Willie" may influence his sons.


Owen Wilson may seem like the ambassador of all things chill but the voice of Lightning McQueen has revealed that when it comes to a being a parent, he’s (sometimes) willing to lay down the law. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Wilson spoke a bit about his parenting strategy when it comes to raising his two sons, Finn and Ford. He made it clear that he’s not “unreasonably strict,” while admitting to being an “old-fashioned” dad when it comes to his kids having good manners. However, Wilson did promise laying down the hammer if his sons started to emulate the behavior of any of his, shall we say, more notorious friends.

That’s right, there’s no pot smoking in Wilson’s house, no matter what “Uncle Woody” and “Uncle Willie” do. Wilson, of course, is referring to his good friends Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson, both of whom are beloved icons in the stoner community. Considering that Wilson’s sons are currently three and six, we doubt that getting high is something they are all that interested in any way but, regardless, it’s good to see Lightning isn’t afraid to be the bad guy.

He also talked about the competitive spirit he sees in his sons and how it reminds him of his own competitions with his brothers, which simmers to this day. While Wilson hopes his sons compete with each other over useful things like grades and being nice to their dad, he knows it’s far more likely they’ll emulate him and his brother Luke, arguing over who picked the better go-kart name even in their 40s. (“Smuggler” wins, hands down, BTW.)