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Video of Baby Brother Helping His Sister Goes Viral For Heart-Melting Reason

It'll definitely make you say "aww!"

It has been a very long week especially, so when a video appeared on Reddit of a brother helping his sister, it went viral. This isn’t your typical cute baby doing adorable things video. It’s extra special and shows how strong the bond between siblings is.

In the video, the brother notices that his baby sister is crying. Even though he is still very young himself, he knows exactly what his sister needs—her pacifier. He doesn’t have hands, but he gets his sister the pacifier and doesn’t stop trying to give it to her until she reattached to it. Her crying stops, because her big brother has saved the day!

It just goes to show how early siblings bond. Sometimes, as adults, we take this lifelong relationship for granted. For babies and young children, siblings are instrumental in helping their brothers or sister learn life skills. In the book, Siblings As Agents of Socialization, the co-author Dr. Laurie Kramer argues that siblings help strengthen a child’s ability to communicate with others and negotiate with parents.

This boy’s little sister might also be able to learn empathy and kindness from her older brother, according to a study published in the Child Development journal, and vice versa. The University of Calgary, one of the universities that conducted the study, tested 452 pairs of siblings to see if their levels of empathy would change in these pairs of 18- and 48-month-old siblings over time. Their empathy was measured by a simple test: If they reacted to adults pretending to be distressed or hurt, they were considered more empathetic.

This empathetic little boy in the video would certainly pass that test with flying colors.