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Mr. Incredible Struggles With Life as a Stay-At-Home Dad in ‘The Incredibles 2’ Trailer

When his wife is called to save the day, Bob Parr has to adjust to keeping order at home.


The Incredibles 2 has become one of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory. Last night, the first trailer was released during the Olympics, and it didn’t disappoint. The 90-second sneak peek gives fans a glimpse into life for the Parr family after they defeated Syndrome. And for the most part, things are pretty much the same, including the rule that superheroes are still banned from fighting crime for liability reasons. However, everything changes when Lucius (Frozone) lets Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Helen (Elastigirl) know that a rich tycoon would like to meet with them to discuss “hero stuff.”

The unnamed titan of industry asks the two to help him “bring superheroes back into the sunlight” before dropping the big twist: he wants Elastigirl to save the day this time instead of Mr. Incredible, much to Bob’s obvious dismay. The trailer sets up a nice bit of role reversal from the original Incredibles movie, as Bob is now forced to take on the bulk of the parenting duties while Helen lives the superhero life. It’s not yet clear why Elastigirl is called upon to save the day instead of Mr. Incredible, but it seems likely that this will be a major source of conflict in the sequel.

While his wife rides off to fight crime on a badass motorcycle, we see Bob struggling with every aspect of being a stay-at-home parent, including cleaning, cooking, and helping his kids with their school work. And while he tries his best to hold down the proverbial fort, the trailer shows that the overwhelming responsibility of being a parent leaves Mr. Incredible on the verge of a full-blown meltdown. Because being a parent is hard, especially when one of your kids can turn into a literal demon spawn.