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Watch This Toddler Get Startled After Mom Catches Him Playing With His Toys

Boy was he startled.

Kids are sneaky little boundary pushers. This isn’t a condemnation; just a simple fact. Children need to know the rules of their world and test them regularly. We’re guessing not a day goes by where you don’t scold your kid for 100 such stealthy (and silly) offenses, be it sneaking a finger into their nose, stuffing their face with candy, or, well, something. A mom named Chrissy Bobic recently captured one of these moments when she found her son playing with his toys in the middle of the night. And she accidentally scared him to death.

Chrissy is walking through her hallway at night when she approaches her son’s room. She sees that the lights are on and hears noises. After quietly opening the door, she finds her son clad in Batman pajamas and playing with his toys. And by playing with them, we mean he’s having a full-blown conversation as though he’s a real-life member of the Toy Story universe. Mom slow plays her entrance. But eventually, the young boy notices her at the door and lets out a scream that begins as terrified and ends up expressing the complete shame and confusion of realizing someone was watching you when you believed you were alone. We can’t stop watching it.

We’re not the only ones. In just two days, the video has been viewed nearly half a million times and has been upvoted more than 34,000 times on Reddit. The video has caused many commenters on both platforms to recall times when they were a kid caught doing something a little bit embarrassing, with many of them admitting they have their own version of the half-scared, half-mortified scream. Of course, every parent knows that while the kid may feel slightly self-conscious in these moments, they’re ultimately incredibly endearing and make all the tough parts of being a parent totally worth it.