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This Dad Mic’d Up His Four-Year-Old’s Hockey Practice and It’s So Damn Funny

"Let's nap."

Coach Jeremy/YouTube

Jeremy Rupke wanted to know what his son Mason was thinking when he was playing hockey. So during a recent practice session, the Ontario dad mic’d up the four-year-old—and captured it all in a hilarious video that’s now going viral on Twitter.

“I mic’d up my 4 year old at Timbits Hockey so I could finally understand what the heck he was doing out there. It was…. Interesting,” Rupke, known as “Coach Jeremy” on social media, tweeted on Friday along with a clip of his son on the ice.

In the video, which already has over 3.1 million views, Mason skates aimlessly around the rink, muttering things like, “Let’s nap,” “My legs are tired,” and “I need to pee.” He also calls an invisible person an “old paint can” when he trips over his own feet.

And one of the highlights is when he asks, in the middle of a drill, “Are we going to McDonald’s after?”

People are loving the four-year-old’s honesty and his very relatable thoughts. One user tweeted, “TBH these thoughts go through most of our minds every time we hit the ice.” Another added, “The ‘let’s nap’ part and my legs hurt, that truly touched me. I feel ya kid.”

Others praised Mason’s ability to talk himself up, calling him a “great self-hype person.” One viewer wrote, “This is the kind of positive self talk we need to remember as adults: ‘I’m doing it!’, ‘I’m okay, it’s okay.’ Keep on with this attitude, and you’ll go far little guy!”