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Watch the Exact Moment Neil Walker Learns Mets Fans Call Him ‘Daddy’

A Mets fan tells Neil Walker that fans call him daddy and no one has never looked more confused by anything.

Daddy is a way for children to affectionately refer to their fathers, but as the years have gone by, it has taken on a different meaning. In modern slang, daddy is a guy who holds a certain amount of authority and respect in life and, more importantly, in the bedroom. It’s also the bizarre and hilarious nickname given to Mets second baseman Neil Walker by fans. And thanks to the power of the internet, we all get to see Walker’s understandably confused reaction when he learns about his slightly sexual nickname.

Walker was at a charity event, living in blissful ignorance when a fan approached him and asked him how he felt about fans calling him “Daddy.” This was clearly the first Walker was hearing of this nickname, as he looked totally confused as the woman attempted to explain why that was what he was being called by fans. He tries to make sense of the name, attributing it to his age and haircut.

Things take a turn when the fan admits that it is sometimes used “in a weird way,” and Walker hilariously replies that he guesses he is flattered. Eventually, he realizes that he is probably better off not trying to make sense of it. The exact origins of Walker’s nickname are unclear, but it likely has to do with a combination of his clean-cut, All-American good looks and the fact that he is, in fact, a dad.

Believe it or not, this is only the second craziest story Walker has involving dads and baseball. Back in 1972, Walker’s dad Tom was a young pitcher for the Mets and was planning to join legendary Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente to deliver relief items to Nicaragua after an earthquake struck. However, the plane was full, so Clemente told Tom that he should go have fun instead. The plane Tom was supposed to be on crashed shortly after takeoff from San Juan, Puerto Rico, resulting in Clemente unintentionally saving Tom’s life and allowing him to father the “Daddy” Mets fans know and love today.