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Video Emerges of Meghan Markle as 8-Year-Old Queen at Friend’s Birthday Party

Markle seems to have always loved the spotlight.


Meghan Markle always knew she was destined to become a royal. That much is obvious after watching a new video that recently surfaced, showing an eight-year-old Markle in the role of “the Queen” during a play put on at a friend’s birthday party. The video shows present-day Markle’s two worlds colliding; while she is currently engaged to Prince Harry, she is also a successful actress, with a feature role on the USA drama Suits.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ninaki Priddy, whose ninth birthday party is the setting for the video, says that she finds Markle’s life trajectory to be pretty spot on. “The show was called ‘Your Royal Highness’ and the star was Meg,” said Priddy. “It’s very funny to see this now; given what is going on with her life, it’s quite eye-opening.”

In the video, Markle is seen wearing a golden crown and bossing around each of her friends. The requests range anywhere from “sew me a nice dress,” to “make 900,000 cookies.” The dress and cookies were apparently for people coming “from Florida and Canada, Mississippi and Missouri” to meet the queen.

Eight years old Meghan Markle​ plays Queen in home video ★º°video°º★╰☆╮

Eight years old Meghan Markle plays Queen in home video ★º°video°º★╰☆╮

Posted by Meghan Markle on Sunday, March 25, 2018

According to Priddy, Markle was “always the center of attention, always the ringleader — it was my birthday but she took the starring role!”

Markle does seem to have command over not just her own performance, but over her friends as well. According to Priddy, the entire short play “came out of the blue” and was totally made up by Markle. Towards the end, Markle can be heard yelling “10-minute break!” before ordering one of her friends to “go do the grocery shopping,” because she “didn’t have time to do it” herself. Not like a queen would do her own shopping anyway.