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Watch This Little Boy Try Coca-Cola for the First Time

This boy's first encounter with soda turns into a life-altering experience.


One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is the fact that you get to witness so many moments in your kid’s life that will change them forever. Their first steps. Their first words. And, apparently, their first sip of Coca-Cola. In a video recently posted by Digg, a young boy is given a drink of his mother’s soda. At first, he’s not impressed by the drink. But then, man oh man is he psyched about the bubbly beverage.

At first, the young man sort of dismisses the drink and even coughs a bit, indicating potential displeasure. But the look in his eyes tell a different story and it’s no surprise that not soon after he is having another sip of Coca-Cola. And that second sip? The boy’s life appears to be changed forever. After nearly a full minute of losing his tiny mind, the boy enjoys one last sip to celebrate this brave new world he has entered forever.

This boy’s reaction is certainly funny — and it’s one of those firsts that’s exciting to watch. But all that aside, it’s good to remember that sugary drinks contribute to our obesity epidemic. From this video, it’s easy to see why: sugary beverages are, well, addicting. So, while this first sip sighting is wonderful to watch, it’s important to see it as an occasional indulgence.