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LeBron James Jr. Shows Off His Basketball Skills In Front of Chris Paul

Like his old man, James Jr. has developed into a player who can do it all on both sides of the court.

YouTube: Take My Talent

Over the weekend, LeBron James Jr. competed at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend in Houston and ended up having a local fan in the stands when Rockets Point Guard Chris Paul stopped by to watch his godson play. The idea of playing basketball in front of one of a future NBA Hall of Famer would terrify most people, but James Jr. isn’t most people. He’s used to it. He thrived under the spotlight and was nothing short of spectacular, dropping Paul’s jaw and the jaws of pretty much everyone else in the building.

Despite being only 13 years old, LeBron James Jr. is already turning heads with his incredible on-court skills. In Houston, he hit outside jumpers and drove into the paint for contested layups. He also showed off his defensive prowess, delivering a gorgeous and brutal block that was so impressive even Paul seemed stunned by what he was seeing.

Like his old man, James Jr. has developed into a two-way player before reaching high school. It’s clear that LeBron is teaching his son everything he knows and it’s a bit jarring to consider how good he could be by the time he is old enough to reach the pros.

Of course, basketball is more about winning than individual accolades (Lebron has learned this the hard way this season with the lackluster performance of the Cavaliers) and James Jr. led his team to the championship for their age group. James Jr.’s dominant performance at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend came less than two weeks after he led his middle school team to an ISL title in Ohio.