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Kobe Bryant is Coaching His 11-Year-Old Daughter’s Basketball Team

The former NBA star even taught the team how to run the Triangle Offense.

Last night, former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant stopped by The Late Late Show to talk with James Corden about how he is spending his days now that he’s no longer playing for the Lakers. Bryant joked that he had signed up to be an Uber driver before clarifying that it only feels that way because he drives his kids around so much. Besides being a glorified chauffer (something most parents can relate to), Bryant is also the coach of his 11-year-old daughter Gianna’s basketball team. And he’s really getting into the role.

During the segment, Corden asked whether or not someone with Bryant’s qualifications should be allowed to coach a junior high girl’s basketball team, as it is hard to imagine any opponents feeling good about their chances of winning when they see Bryant is coaching the other team. Bryant doubted that he was making much of a difference, as he insisted that his skills as a coach aren’t quite as high as his skills as a player. But he completely undermined his modesty when he admitted that he has managed to teach his daughter’s team how to run the legendary Triangle offense, which was popularized by Phil Jackson, who coached Bryant on the Lakers.

After hearing about how much success Bryant has had coaching a bunch of 11-year-olds, Corden couldn’t resist asking the future Hall of Famer if he would consider coaching the Late Late Show basketball team. Considering all the free time Bryant has these days, don’t be surprised if Bryant is coaching them to their first late-night basketball championship next season.