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Watch These Kids Hilariously Not Care About US Missing the World Cup

A few of them were excited to get to root for a different team.

The United States Men’s Soccer Team was officially eliminated from World Cup contention earlier this week after an embarrassing loss to Trinidad & Tobago, leaving many to wonder about the future of American soccer. BBC News spoke with some young American soccer players to see how they felt about the US being left out of next year’s World Cup and the kids happily took the opportunity to roast the hell out of the US Men’s team.

At first, the kids seemed sad to see their favorite team lose in such a heartbreaking way, but things took a turn when a 7-year-old boy named Phillipe noted that the US lost to a “pretty easy team.” From there, the kids began mercilessly ripping into the pathetic performance from the US in the qualifying rounds, with a few kids admitting that they are looking forward to getting to root for another country altogether. Peru, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Argentina were all mentioned by the kids as teams they will be rooting for instead of the United States.

Several kids also hilariously expressed their complete indifference to the US not making the World Cup. Liam, who is seven, said the US Men’s Team might be one of his 20 favorite soccer teams. A nine-year-old named Natalie had an even less enthusiastic endorsement of the US soccer team, as she simply said “Eh” when asked if she was sad about the team’s loss.

At first, it might seem shocking to see these kids so casually dismiss their patriotic duty to stop caring about soccer the minute the US is eliminated but perhaps there is something to admire about their pure love of the game. Because if anyone is going to break the endless US soccer cycle of losing, maybe it will be kids who never really gave a shit about US soccer in the first place.