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Watch This Kid Sink a Three-Pointer and a Penalty Kick At the Same Time

An epic, accidental feat.


During a game of youth futsal (it’s like indoor soccer except played on a smaller, harder pitch), a kid taking a penalty kick turned a simple scoring play into one of the most unbelievable sports moments in recent memory all thanks to a shoe mishap.

The young player knocked the penalty kick past the goalie and into the net. But the real spectacle of the play came when his shoe, which flung off during the play, arced up and swished into the nearby backboard. During the moment, none of the kid’s teammates, coaches, or opponents could quite believe what they were witnessing. They gawk as the shoe flies through the air and heads straight for the basketball hoop. When it finally glides through the net, everyone in the gym, save for the goalie, begins celebrating the freak, fantastic turn of events as though they just won the World Cup.