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Jordan Peele Can’t Make His Baby Laugh

He may be a hilarious comedian, but Peele's newborn son doesn't find him funny at all.


2017 was a good year for Jordan Peele. Get Out, the comedian’s brilliant, terrifying, and hilarious directorial debut made over $250 million at the box office and is expected to be nominated for Best Picture at next month’s Oscars. But more importantly, Peele became a dad when his wife and fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti gave birth to their son Beaumont Gino in July. Last night, Peele was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers and spoke about his experience as a new father. And while Peele has loved every minute of being a dad, he did make a shocking confession: Beaumont doesn’t find him funny at all.

Peele admits that even though he is an extremely successful comedian, so far, he has been unable to make his son laugh. To make matters worse, Peele told Meyers that his wife has had no problem cracking their son up. In a desperate attempt to unlock the secret to Peretti’s success, he even tried to imitate some of the weird noises and faces she makes. Nothing. Peele eventually admitted defeat after concluding his wife is simply the funnier comedian.

Fortunately, Meyers offered some friendly consolation for Peele by acknowledging that he could never make his kids laugh the way his wife did either. Unlike Peele, however, Meyers’ wife isn’t a comedian, she’s a lawyer. So while Meyers really felt the pain of not even getting to be the funny parent ⏤ despite being funny for a living ⏤ presumably his wife at least knew a lot of lawyer jokes.