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Watch Isaiah Thomas’s 5-Year-Old Steal the Show During Post-Game Interview

Try and keep a straight face. We dare you.

Jaden Thomas During His Father's Postgame Interview

Last night, NBA point guard Isaiah Thomas had his first post-game interview as a Cleveland Cavalier, but his son 5-year-old-son Jaden stole the spotlight. Just as Thomas started to get deep with the interviewer regarding his arduous recovery from the hip injury that ended his playoff run last season, Jaden appeared on camera and made a bunch of silly faces. The little guy quickly drew attention away from his old man and added to the growing canon of players children hilariously upstaging them in the post game. 

Little Jaden is certainly no stranger to stealing the show. Last season, he had a one-on-one bout with then-Boston Celtics power forward Jae Crowder and shamelessly called retired NBA god Shaquille O’Neal “fat”. During another one of his dad’s post-game interviews following a big win against the Chicago Bulls in Game 4 of a playoff series, Jaden, when asked if he had anything to say, just cackled into the microphone before running off stage. He then came back to the microphone and thanking the press for their “honesties”

Isaiah’s return to the spotlight as the Cavaliers primary point guard isn’t just good news for fans of the game, but fans of hilarious basketball children as well. It’ll surely be entertaining to watch young Jaden shake up some more interviews as the Cavs push for another playoff appearance this year.