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Watch Indonesians Celebrate Their Independence by Racing Tricycles

They definitely don't have their training wheels attached.

On August 17, 1945, Indonesia declared its independence after centuries of Dutch rule and after four years of fighting, the Dutch officially acknowledged Indonesia’s independence in 1949. Now, August 17 has become Indonesian Independence Day, where the 260 million Indonesians celebrate their freedom from all foreign powers. This year, a group of Indonesians chose to take their day of Independence to the next level by riding down a massive hill on bamboo tricycles that weren’t equipped with any breaks. It was extremely dangerous and extremely awesome.

Tricycles might typically be associated with preschoolers on the playground, but as the video shows, these racers were not fucking around when they hopped on the track. They confidently headed down a massive hill, hitting speeds up to 40 mph while making incredibly sharp turns while trying to avoid crashing into the massive, seemingly endless crowd surrounding the track on both sides.

Of course, given the extreme speeds of these three-wheeled racers, it’s not surprising that a few did end up crashing along the way. Fortunately, most of them seemed to survive the crash without having suffered any long-term injuries. At one point, a spectator ends up right in the path of two tricycles and narrowly avoids getting annihilated by a vehicle that was built for kids below the age of five.

Hopefully next year, America takes a page out of Indonesia’s book and adds some badass tricycle racing to the Fourth of July activities. It may be dangerous, but it sure beats watching a bunch of guys compete to see who can shove the most hot dogs down their throats.