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Watch This Guy Harness SuperDad Reflexes to Save His Falling Kid

This catch should be a SportsCenter highlight.


There are a lot of great things that come with being a dad but perhaps the most badass trait all fathers seem to inherit are the dad reflexes that give even the least coordinated man the magical ability to protect their kid from harm. It’s the closest thing we dads have to superpowers.

The latest display of dad reflexes comes from a supermarket-shot video that shows a dad miraculously saving his piggy-backed son from a massive crashing to the floor. The video is currently blowing up on Reddit — and for good reason:  just look at how this guy grabs his kid’s ankle just as their head is about to have an unpleasant meeting with the grocery store floor. Clean up on aisle five averted.

Child falls off of father’s shoulders. from nonononoyes

Some Reddit commenters have also wondered if this video shows a man secretly pulling off a grocery-store heist, as you can see a man walking by and seemingly taking what looks to be a purse or a knapsack from another customer while they aren’t paying attention. But it turns out it was just a store employee grabbing a customer’s shopping basket. And it’s not like this fall could be a choreographed diversion tactic in some sort of sad Stop & Shop-set Ocean’s 11 sequel. In any case, major props to this dad for saving the day. But, of course, he’s just doing his duty.