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Five-Year-Old Was Too Short to Witness His Incredible Golf Shot

"Oh my goodness, you have no idea what just happened, do ya?"


Over the weekend, five-year-old golf prodigy Isaac Riches nailed an absolutely gorgeous chip shot that would make most pros as green with envy as the fairway Isaac had just driven. It was a totally awesome moment that was begging for an all-out, gloriously over-the-top celebration, but Isaac remained surprisingly calm after the shot. The measured response wasn’t a display of impossible humility from the future pro. Isaac was just too short to see the ball go in.

Isaac had to be told by his dad that the ball had gone into the hole. At first, Isaac seemed a bit suspicious that his old man might be messing with him, but, with his dad’s encouragement, he checked it out. As he reached the green, he noticed that the ball was out of sight and tentatively raised one of his hands as a preamble to his growing jubilation. Once he confirmed that the ball had indeed landed in the hole, Isaac finally got to celebrate in proper fashion.

After Isaac had confirmed the shot, he immediately began sprinting back to his dad with a huge smile on his face and the two shared a giant hug, with dad laughing about the fact that Isaac was too short to witness his own amazing shot. Given his skill at such a young age, it feels safe to say this won’t be the last incredible shot he makes in his life. Hopefully next time, he’ll be tall enough to see it.