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A Viral Video That You Actually Need To Watch For The Sake Of Your Daughter (Or Son)

One-in-5 daughters in Norway experience domestic violence — a sober statistic coming from a nation that’s more often associated with progressive family leave policies and excellent academic scores. But it’s the stat behind #DearDaddy, a video produced by CARE Norway that has fathers everywhere reflecting what it means to shepherd a kid through puberty successfully.

[youtube expand=1]

An open letter by a young woman to her own dad, the video follows her through the eyes of girls everywhere from when she’s first called a whore at age 14 to the first time a boy takes advantage of her while drunk to a sexual assault and, finally, her marriage to a physically abusive husband. The letter is a plea to the fathers of daughters, so they’ll understand the real dangers those girls face in a world of casual misogyny; it’s also a plea to the fathers of sons, to understand the power of the words those boys might unwittingly use.

CARE Norway is a branch of the humanitarian agency Care International, which has broadened its focus from fighting poverty to fighting for the welfare of the underrepresented. By the end of the video, you’ll appreciate why daughters — even in the wealthiest nations in the world — fit that description.