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This Guy Built His Own Mario Game Made Entirely of Cardboard

And it looks every bit as fun as the real thing.

More than 30 years after its initial release, the Super Mario Bros franchise is still a block-breaking, coin-collecting, Koopa-stomping force. In fact, upon release, the new Super Mario Odyssey was selling 463 units per minute. Despite new and improved versions of the game, one production company wanted to pay tribute to the original in a more analog way: by creating their own version using only cardboard and wiring. And it’s pretty damn impressive.

The version of the game, created by Sata Production, works almost like an electronic puppet theater you control. As the background glides by like a carousel, the player is able to make paper Mario jump to get coins and avoid obstacles thanks to some handy wire and a bit of engineering magic. The demo level even features those pesky goombas, who Mario needs to avoid or face the dreaded “Game Over” screen. Check it out.

And the video shows, the level of dedication the builders went through a lot to make sure the game as realistic as possible, as it shares a startling resemblance with the real Super Mario. In the 16-minute video,

Feeling creative? In the 16-minute video, Sata Production guides you step-by-step into how to make your own rotating, cardboard version of Super Mario, starting with an extremely long printout of an entire level, including those iconic plumber pipes. You will then need a hot glue gun, a whole lot of cardboard, a few mini motors, and some serious patience if you are going to manage to replicate the gaming experience. But the result may be worth it. Wa wa wa wa wahoo!