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This Kiwi Dad Teaching His Kid to Debone a Sheep is a Beautiful Soul

Prepare to learn a new skill from a tattooed badass dad from New Zealand.


Every dad relishes the opportunity to teach their kid a new skill, but when his daughter Holly asked him how to debone a lamb leg, a New Zealand dad went way over-the-top in the best way possible. Bruno, who has a YouTube channel aptly titled Bruno’s Handy Hints and may be the most Kiwi person on the planet, created a six-minute instruction video where he literally deboned a lamb leg to demonstrate the process to his daughter in extremely helpful detail. And if you aren’t too busy being charmed by his glorious accent, you may just find yourself learning how to remove the bone from a lamb’s leg without destroying all the delicious meat in the process.

Bruno begins the video by reminding Holly to sharpen her knives and then removing any of the extraneous fat. Then, he begins delicately slicing the meat down to the bone so that he is in prime position for removal. From there, as one might expect, it’s a whole lot of careful carving to remove as much of the meat as possible from the bone. For every step along the way, Bruno provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions that will make you wish he was around every time you were trying out a new recipe.

The video may have been made for Bruno’s daughter but we all benefit from his expertise and showmanship, as even the most novice lamb connoisseur could be enjoying some delicious homemade lamb chops with a little help from Bruno. The video was uploaded yesterday and already has nearly 50,000 views with hundreds of commenters thanking him for his helpful instructions.

And while Bruno is an undisputed master of meats, perhaps the best part of the video is his hilarious running commentary as he teaches Holly how to debone the lamb leg. Whether he is trying to get his wife to follow his instructions to no avail or noting that the extra fat was probably a part of the lamb’s ass, he is always on-point with his off the cuff observations.