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“Stranger Things” David Harbour Is Stoked to Be the Definition of “Dad Bod”

The folks at Merriam-Webster used him as an example for the term, and he's all for it.


Last night, actor David Harbour, who plays the righteous Chief Hopper in Stranger Things and will be playing the lead role in the forthcoming Hellboy reboot, was a guest on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. And during the segment, he discussed how he felt about Merriam-Webster listing him as part of the literal definition of dad bod. Fortunately, Harbour seems pretty okay with the association.

The entire incident began last month when Merriam-Webster sent out a clarifying tweet about the usage of  ‘dad bod’, explaining, “In ‘dad bod,’ the word ‘dad’ is technically still a noun. ‘Daddest bod,’ however, would make it an adjective.”

It’s a pretty clear but important distinction that will help us all ensure that we are using the phrase “dad bod” correctly in our daily lives. To make sure there is no confusion as to the definition of dad bod, Merriam-Webster also included a visual aid: a gif of the now iconic Chief Hopper dad dance. That’s right, Harbour became the real-life version of the classic joke, “If you look up BLANK in the dictionary, you’ll see their face.”

In his interview with Colbert, Harbour said that he was honored to be recognized by the dictionary and even recreated the Hopper dad dance to celebrate the achievement. Colbert was happy for Harbour but did point out his guest is not actually a dad, which sort of makes him a strange choice to represent all dad bods. However, Harbour argued that maybe he is such a good actor that he has transcended the need to have kids in order to be considered a dad. Point, Hopper.

While Harbour may not technically be a dad, Chief Hopper remains the Demogorgon-fighting, waffle-making dad we can all believe in. And for that, Harbour and his dad bod will always have an honorable mention in the Dad Hall of Fame.