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Watch This Little Girl Try to Figure Out How a Game Boy Works

It's like she's trying to interpret a device sent by aliens.

Long before the age of Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Pokémon Go, the Nintendo Game Boy revolutionized video games-on-the-go. The miniaturized system cut the cord and let kids play all their favorite titles anywhere. It was an extraordinary feat of technology. Or it was. A video of a young girl trying to figure out how the hell the system works shows just how far technology has come. In the clip, she tries playing a game on her dad’s old Game Boy but simply cannot figure out why the touchscreen isn’t working. Buttons? She doesn’t have time for any stinkin’ buttons.

The idea of pressing buttons to play video games may seem obvious to all of us, but this is a completely foreign concept to kids under a certain age. Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and even touchscreen TVs, most children operate the world with a tap and a swipe.

The Game Boy was first released in Japan in 1989 before heading to the U.S. later that year, where the handheld gaming device quickly became a massive success. More than 44 million units were sold in the U.S. over the next decade and Nintendo released several upgraded versions over the years. Nintendo finally discontinued the device in 2003, as it was unable to compete with the next generation gaming boom. In a funny twist, Nintendo’s latest system, the Switch, harkens back to the Game Boy, as it combines modern gaming but detatches for portable gaming on the go.

The video of the little girl struggling to comprehend the system clearly struck a chord with parents and anyone who grew up during the ’90s, as it has been viewed more than 1 million times in just a day. We’re just happy she wasn’t handed a Virtual Boy. That frustrating monstrosity would’ve blown her mind.