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4-Year-Old Melts Down When Her Dad Says She Can’t Go to a Metal Concert

She couldn't believe she wasn't allowed to see Slayer.

Facebook: Hugh Jaynus

For parents, watching their young kids have epic meltdowns is an extremely common occurrence.  But one dad was surprised to observe his daughter driven to tears because he told her she could not go see 80s metal icons Slayer, in concert.

After quietly professing her desire to go to the show, the father of the adorable leopard-print-sporting  4-year-old informs his daughter she can’t go see Slayer. Why? Because she’s too young, he explains. At that, the once-and-future metalhead retreats into her scarf attempting to process why God would allow such cruelty to befall her. Eventually, emerging from her cocoon in full-blown meltdown mode, she weeps for the band responsible for such kid-friendly hits as “Raining Blood”, “Angel of Death”, and “Mandatory Suicide.”

Pops does offer a pretty tasty consolation prize with to an offer to let her go see Cinderella or Mickey Mouse (presumably, on ice), but that only makes the situation worse. Which makes sense. After all, a mouse and a princess have nothing on the raw explosive power of the metal legends. It’s important to note that the dad does seem equal parts proud and worried that his four-year-old is already a “die-hard” Slayer fan and the video ends with him suggesting he’s in big trouble as his daughter looks on with sad and angry eyes. What could she be thinking back there? She probably quietly repeating the lyrics to Slayers brutal 2001 hit, Threshold: “I can’t control the rage that flows from me/Can’t shut it down/It overwhelms me.”

Horns up, little one. Horns up.