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Watch This Dad Cut Himself a Delicious Piece of Snow Cake

And what does he use to cut the cake? A sword, of course.

The holidays have come and gone but winter is here to stay. And while not everybody enjoys enough snow to keep them trapped inside until spring, one dad recently made the most of the fluffy white stuff covering his outdoor table. He turned it into a giant cake and then cut himself a big old slice while his daughter filmed his bizarre and hysterical actions.

The coolest part? To cut this massive snow cake, this dad didn’t use a dull butter knife, oh no. Instead, he used a totally awesome sword. Why does he have a sword lying around? Because this dad is a badass and that’s what badasses do. Also, he may be a ninja, we don’t entirely know. Either way, thanks to the precision that comes with using a sword, this rad dad was able to get a picturesque slice that looks so tasty, you forget it’s snow.

My friend’s dad after a snow day from funny

Most people would have ended the routine after the first slice, but this dad is not most people. He obviously chose the road less traveled and fully committed to the bit by taking a big bite. Fortunately, his dedication paid off as his daughter asks, “What is wrong with him?” while fighting back laughter.

His daughter may have been slightly mortified by her dad’s ice-chomping behavior but the internet has gone absolutely nuts for it. The video, which was uploaded by Reddit user youtubeTheClaymor, has been upvoted 87,000 times in little over a day. It has also received nearly 1,500 comments, most of which are praising the dad for his hilarious and skillful antics. Hopefully, if anyone tries to imitate him, they’ll remember to stay away from the yellow snow, as that will lead to a much more unpleasant cake-eating experience.