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This Dad Takes Over-Involved Sports Parenting to the Next Level

Talk about a good save.


A video of a dad pushing his son to save a soccer goal is going viral on Twitter. Posted early Monday morning by Chris Wilkins, the clip features the dad “helping” the distracted goalkeeper block the ball by lightly pushing him onto the ground as a player from the other team takes a shot.

The hilarious incident occurred during a youth soccer match between the Bow Street FC Magpies under-8s and the Ysgol Llanilar FC under-8s in Wales. In the video, the goalie isn’t exactly paying attention to the game (possibly because his dad is right behind him). And so, when the other team comes racing down the field, the dad gives his son a last-minute shove, which lands the kid on the ground in front of the goal and stops the ball.

But unfortunately for his son’s team, the ball rebounds back onto the field and an opposing player runs up and kicks it in anyways. The dad reacts by throwing his hands up and walking away, clearly frustrated.

It’s a feeling that most parents who attend their children’s sports matches can relate to. And the moms and dads on the sidelines at this game, who are heard laughing throughout the clip, aren’t the only ones who find it funny.

With over 16 million views and 3,000 likes on Twitter, the video has received a lot of attention, with users reacting with comments like, “It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a year” and “for sure the dad of 2018.” One user tweeted, “All a good parent can do is put their kid in a position to succeed. They’ve got to do the rest themselves.”