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This Dad Getting Emotional As Newborn Receives His First Shots Is All Dads

It's never easy for a parent to have to watch their kid suffer.

Every parent has had to stand by and watch their kid endure their first dose of pain and discomfort. Maybe it’s teething. Maybe it’s a light fever. Or, most likely, it’s the first time they receive their inoculations. It’s an emotional time, but all parents must act accordingly and be a beacon of strength and reassurance for their child. A recent video of a dad standing by as his newborn receives his first shots has been making the rounds online due to the words of encouragement he offers his son and the emotional way he helps his son along during the time of discomfort. It’s wonderful.

In the video, Debias King Lee initially tries to keep his kid happy by offering up words of affirmation as he carried him over to receive the vaccinations. After setting him down, Lee took his son by the hand to calm him down as the doctor prepared to give the shots.

Despite the clear sadness and panic in his voice, Lee manages to keep the situation as light possible, cracking jokes and staying positive. This guy knows, deep down, the shots are for his son’s own good but that doesn’t make witnessing his son experience pain any easier. Lee holds his son the entire time and sounds like he is nearly to the point of tears when the doctor gives the kid the final shot. By this point, Lee’s son is crying quite a bit but when dad picks him up and tells him everything is going to be okay, the crying suddenly stops.

The video was posted on October 26 and in less than a week it has already been viewed more than 12 million times. Most of the commenters praise Lee for his incredible parenting skills, with many sharing their own stories of having to watch their kid go through something painful. Because as much as parents would like to think they can always protect their kids, that’s sadly not how the world works. Fortunately, moms and dads like Lee will always be there to console their kids in times of need because that’s what parents do.