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Watch a Dad in a T-Rex Costume Chase His Daughter Home

The video is a tribute to all the innovative ways parents are able to annoy their kids.

Plenty of parents greet their kid at the bus stop when they come home from school but we’re willing to be that there is only one dad who does it in a green inflatable T-rex costume. In the hilarious video, Louisiana dad Tad Parnell is shown standing outside of his house dressed as a pre-historic dinosaur excitedly bouncing up and down as he waits for his daughter to get home from school.

As his daughter exits the bus, he tries to give her a big old dino hug but his junior high daughter is mortified by her dad’s slightly unconventional approach to welcoming her back from school and makes a bee-line straight for the house. Tad tries to catch her but she eludes his grasp while her mom is laughing as hard as she can while she films the whole thing.

Posted by Tad Megan Parnell on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In less than a week the video has become a bit of a viral sensation, as many parents celebrated Tad for his ingenuity when it comes to embarrassing his preteen daughter. While Tad’s original video, which he posted on Facebook, only has about 1,500 views, the Daily Mail covered the story and their video has been viewed 2.6 million times in less than two days, with the majority of comments noting just how hilarious and entertaining Tad’s elaborate stunt was to watch. It just goes to show that parents will always find new and creative ways to lovingly embarrass their kids and thanks to the Internet, we’ll all get to watch.