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Dad Built His Son an Incredibly Accurate AT-ST Star Wars High Chair

This thing looks ready to protect Endor from the rebel takeover.

YouTube via Hackaday

One of the perks of parenting is passing your nerdy passions down to your kids — until, that is, they become teenagers and think you’re lame. One Star Wars-obsessed dad named Matthew Regonini built his newborn son a high chair that looks like an AT-ST Walker. And man, this thing looks as ready to sit by a table as it is to stomp across Hoth.

Regonini’s creation, which he posted to his YouTube channel “Never Not Making,” has all the features of an AT-ST Walker. And it is detailed. Look at those articulated joints! The bolts in the side! The perfect bend of the legs! Sitting in it, his son is not only at the perfect height to eat jarred carrots but also looks like the most adorable member of the Empire since young Boba Fett.

Even more impressive? Regonini does almost all of the carving by hand, using only power tools and a CNC machine to handle cutting some of the larger sections. This is no amateur project: As you can see in the video (which is not a how-to, but merely an explanation of his work) the build takes time and serious skill.

Infants grow quickly. But let’s hope Regonini’s son gets to enjoy his father’s handiwork for a few months before he has to switch vehicles.