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Video of Young Girls “Breastfeeding” Dolls Sparks Backlash

Inappropriate or adorable?

Marjorie Harvey/Instagram

Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie is being criticized after she Instagrammed a video of her granddaughters pretending to breastfeed. The controversial clip shared on Monday, January 14 shows the two toddlers nursing baby dolls on the couch.

“[We’re] feeding our babies!” four-year-old Rose says in the video when asked what she and her three-year-old cousin Elle are doing. Elle then chimes in, adding, “From our boobies!” The girls are shown holding their dolls up to their chests, imitating what they’ve likely seen their own mothers do.

The post, captioned, “Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls,” has caused quite a stir on social media, with over 62,000 likes and 5,300 comments so far. Many people are calling it “inappropriate,” criticizing the 62-year-old grandmother for sharing what they consider to be a private moment and not something for the public to see.

“This is unacceptable on so many levels,” one user said. “The logistics of breastfeeding and latching is adult content.” Another commented on the fact that the toddlers lifted their shirts up, writing, “You need help.”

However, others stood up for Marjorie, arguing that breastfeeding isn’t something to be sexualized and that the video is nothing more than an adorable shot of her granddaughters learning how to be good mothers. “This is too cute!” one woman wrote. “People who try to turn something so natural into something inappropriate are the ones who got something wrong with them!”

Another commenter said, “Good job to grandma and mama! Rasing them well with wonderful role models!”

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Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls 😂😂😭

A post shared by Marjorie Harvey (@marjorie_harvey) on

Marjorie, who has five children and seven grandchildren with husband Steve, later responded to some of the criticism in her Instagram Stories. She said, “Clearly some of y’all weren’t breastfed. Maybe that’s the problem. Some of y’all need a hug.”