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Watch This Baby Cry Every Time His Dad Sings The Village People’s ‘YMCA’

Young man, there's no need to be down.

YouTube / Viralhog

The Village People urge in the opening of their iconic “YMCA,” “young man, there’s no need to feel down.” But a baby named Ryan from Texas is not following their advice. In fact, the infant has developed such a deep level of disdain for the iconic 70s tune that he bursts into tears whenever dad belts it out.

An video uploaded to YouTube shows Ryan spending some quality time with his dad, who is trying to make his young son keep eating by singing some silly songs. Dad soon discovers, however, that each time he performs “YMCA”, Ryan’s smile immediately disappears and the waterworks begin as though he just found out Daniel Tiger had been canceled.

When dad makes up a silly song or sings something else, Ryan seems slightly amused. At times, he’s even delighted by his father’s crooning. Ryan’s tears only come when his dad gets to the famous “YMCA” chorus and the accompanying arm motions. The Village people just strike a nerve.

What’s causing Ryan to react so strongly to this song in particular? Is it the arm movements? The terrible songwriting? The fact that YMCA is only cool when grounds crews at baseball stadiums perform the song when they smooth the baselines? Unfortunately, there’s no clear explanation. All we can say is this baby has impeccable taste.