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Aaron Paul’s Doula Teaches Him What Not to Do While Your Wife is in Labor

The 'Breaking Bad' actor admits that most of the doula's advice was about what he shouldn't do during the delivery.

Last night, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about his excitement for the birth of his daughter and all the lessons he has learned about not being a nuisance in the delivery room. To prepare for their first baby, Paul revealed that he and his wife Lauren Pareskian hired a doula. He also revealed he had no clue what a doula was before hiring one. Nevertheless, the relationship appears to be informative, according to Paul, who reported the doula has taught him a lot about what to expect when his wife actually gives birth to their daughter.

Paul said most of what the doula — a veteran of 600 births over the course of her career — has taught him is more about what he should not do during the delivery rather than what he can expect to help with when his baby finally arrives. The first lesson? Never say the word “relax” to a woman in labor, which makes sense for pretty obvious reasons. She also told him he should avoid telling his wife to “breathe”, as this well-intentioned instruction doesn’t really do much except make her swear way louder.

Kimmel, of course, couldn’t resist inserting a bit of his trademark snark into Paul’s story when he told Paul that a doula isn’t there to help the husband during the birth, the doula is there to replace the husband during birth. After all, everything that the husband is supposed to be doing is suddenly being handled by someone who actually knows what the hell is going on. Paul agreed but given how genuinely happy he seemed about becoming a dad, we think he’ll do a nice job avoiding earning his participation trophy in the delivery room, as long as he remembers not to tell her to “relax” or “breathe.”