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Why Your ‘Unlimited’ Data Plan Might Soon Reach Its Limit

Flickr / David Wright

Unlimited data is a parent’s best friend, and unfortunately your best friend’s dad is kind of making them move away. Verizon confirmed rumors in a statement on Friday that they’re asking consumers on unlimited plans who use more than 100GB of data to switch to a tiered plan by August 31. If they don’t, their accounts will be suspended. Or grounded, if you prefer.

Currently the only people receiving official letters about this (which you can read here) are customers with expiring contracts who use over 100GB on a single device. To put how much that is in perspective, 100GB plans are the largest ones they offer and are designed to be used over multiple devices. According to The Vergesuch a sizable plan costs $450 a month, and yet unlimited data users have been getting away with using that much for only $49.99.

Using the company’s data calculator, The Chicago Tribune figured out that it would take 10 hours of video streaming a day to hit 100GB. So, as long as you’re setting some screen time limits, this probably won’t affect you much. But this also reflects the broader move of Verizon and other networks away from unlimited data all together, and that’s something you and your tiny human might have to get used to — whether you both like it or not.

[H/T] The Verge