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Watch Venezuelan Players and Coaches Console Dominican Pitcher After Little League Loss

It's sportsmanship like this that makes the Little League World Series such an amazing event.

Last night’s Little League World Series game between Venezuela and the Dominican Republic offered some of the most thrilling moments of the tournament so far, as Venezuela was able to upset the Dominican Republic to move one step closer to being crowned Little League World Series Champions. The win was no sure thing for Venezuela, as they found themselves down 2-1 to heading into the sixth inning. However, that changed when Omar Romero hit a game-winning triple to send in two runners and secure the win for his team.

Dominican Republic Little Leaguer Edward Uceta, one of the tournament’s breakout stars, was pitching when Romero had his huge hit and he was more than a little devastated. The young pitcher had to lie down and bury his face in his hands as he held back tears. In a show of sheer class, several coaches and players from Venezuela, including Omar Romero, went out to the mound and consoled him. It was a lovely moment.

“Edward has a big heart. It was sad,” Venezuela manager Alexander Ballesteros said after his team’s win. “It could have happened to anyone.”

After receiving support from a large portion of the Venezuela team, Edward was able to join his team and complete the traditional postgame handshake line. He was still clearly in an emotional state at that time, so Ballesteros and the other Venezuelan coaches gave Edward a few more hugs to help him feel better about the tournament.

The exceptional class shown by Venezuela’s team perfectly encapsulates the sportsmanship and dignity that makes the Little League World Series such an amazing event. Hopefully, once the pain of the loss wears off, Edward will hold his head high knowing that he did his best to help his team win.