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Usain Bolt Just Revealed His Daughter’s Incredible Name

Meet Olympia Lightning Bolt.

Usain Bolt must not be satisfied with being the fastest man alive because the Jamaican legend just added another superlative to his resume: best baby namer alive. His daughter, who is just a few months old, is named Olympia Lightning Bolt.

The retired sprinter revealed the name of his progeny in an Instagram post to celebrate the birthday of his longtime girlfriend (and Olympia’s mom) Kasi Bennett. He followed up with a tweet of a solo shot of Olympia — who, it should be mentioned, is very cute — and her full name followed by a lightning bolt emoji.

Olympia is, of course, the name of the Panhellenic religious sanctuary where the first Olympics were held in ancient Greece. It’s an appropriate name given Bolt’s utter Olympic domination in his career. He won eight gold medals over three games and is the only sprinter to win the 100-meter and 200-meter gold medals three times in a row.

Bolt was sometimes referred to as Lightning Bolt during his career because, well, it’s the most obvious nickname for a blazing fast sprinter with the last name Bolt. It’s also an obviously great middle name for a little girl with the last name Bolt.


We should pause for a moment to say that, yeah, naming your daughter in honor of your greatest accomplishments and personal nickname is a bit self-congratulatory, but it’s also completely in line with Bolt’s personality. He’ll be remembered for his utter dominance, sure, but his braggadocious nature and million-dollar smile, often flashed before he’d crossed the finish line but after victory was secured, will also be part of his legacy.

And honestly, if Bolt passes his preternatural confidence on to Olympia Lightning Bolt by giving her this epic name, no parent could fault him.