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University of Memphis Won’t Charge Tuition to Children of Fallen Soldiers

Starting this fall, the school is expanding the Folds of Honor scholarship from $5,000 to a full-ride.


The University of Memphis will no longer charge the spouses or children of fallen armed service members tuition. Starting this fall, the school will become the first in the country to accept the Folds of Honor scholarship, which currently gives $5,000 to students whose parents were killed or severely injured while enlisted as active duty service members, as payment-in-full. 

UM is one of the biggest universities in Tennessee with around 21,000 students and currently charges $9,700 in annual tuition, excluding room and board or books. And while other schools around the country had expressed interest in expanding the Folds of Honor from a $5,000 to full-tuition scholarship, UM was the first to green light the deal.

Last year, five students on UM’s campus qualified for the Folds of Honor scholarship ⏤ which is limited to children under the age of 24-years-old and spouses of any age. Nationwide, 173 students took advantage of the tuition remission.

“This sacrifice [of fallen service members] is remarkable and we need to recognize that,” President David Rudd told the board at UM. The University is already recognized by the state of Tennessee as a VETS Campus for its outreach to veterans and “allocation of resources to help veterans’ successful transition from military service to college enrollment.” Meanwhile, Senior Vice President Ben Leslie at Folds of Honor has called UM the “most patriotic university in the country,” and feels that the tuition will go a long way towards making veterans and their families feel welcome at the school.

While the deal has not been finalized with Folds of Honor, according to Commercial Appeal, Rudd expects to hammer out the final details sometime in the next week.