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Uniqlo Is Releasing a Second Collection of the Coolest ‘Sesame Street’ Gear Ever

These will be hitting stories in late November.


When the street artist KAWS and Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo UT came together for a string of Sesame Street t-shirt collaborations back in June, it didn’t take long before shirts adorned with characters from the show sporting the artist’s signature x’s for eyes were everywhere. Now, this November KAWS and Uniqlo are doing yet another Sesame Street collaboration. As well as t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies, this run alos includes five exclusive plushies.

There is no shortage of products that attempt to use Sesame Street imagery to make sales. But, that said, the KAWS collaboration with Uniqlo UT has always felt a little different. Sesame Street is a particularly accessible show that most kids can remember watching at some point growing up, and Uniqlo —unlike a lot of their competition—makes more affordable clothing that is also really fashionable. This all goes without mentioning that KAWS is a pricy artist to get designs from. Some of his previous clothing collabs have gone for up to $80, but the stuff from his last Sesame Street run with Uniqlo rarely peaked over $30.


Characters like Elmo and Big Bird both have their own individual t-shirts while the collection has a few that show off the whole Sesame Street gang alongside a KAWS Companion. As fast as the exclusive plushies go, customers can choose between Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird. Each of them has X’s for eyes stitched in.


If you look at KAWS as an artist, the collaboration makes a lot of sense. He often likes to subvert imagery from pop culture in his work as a means of making a larger point. While the Sesame Street line doesn’t seem as political as some of his other works, it sure looks amazing.


The newest KAWS collection will be for sale on Uniqlo’s website on November 19 and will hit the shelves of stores the very next day.