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Get Ready to Wear The Coolest ‘Sesame Street’ T-Shirts Ever

The subversive new line is set to hit stores later this month.

While the creators of Sesame Street are fine making a highly educational and entertaining kids television show, others continue to use the show’s name and imagery to sell their wares. Case in point: these rad Sesame Street skateboards. The latest example, however, is a sick new clothing collaboration from American street artist and fashion designer KAWS and Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo UT. Dubbed the Sesame Street collection, the various t-shirt’s showcase iconic characters from Oscar the Grouch to The Count, each with KAWS’ trademark XX’s covering their eyes.

The shirts could be seen as a tad morbid and cynical, but it’s hard to get upset when they look so damn cool. Plus, there’s no sign of Muppet murder or ejaculation, which will surely be a relief to concerned parents. 

Uniqlo UT is a Japanese clothing company that designs, manufactures, and sells everything in-house. It’s kind of like Supreme, but for people who want nothing to do with, well, everybody who shops at Supreme. Uniqlo also manages to be on the more affordable side of cutting-edge street style. Which is a big reason their team up with KAWS is so awesome. A KAWS t-shirt collab usually costs upwards of 80 bucks a pop, but when the designer works with Uniqlo, the price comes way down. Shirts in their previous collabs, including the Peanuts line, cost less than $20.




In addition to looking dope, the latest Sesame Street collection makes total sense to anyone who knows KAWS’s style. While he worked as an animator on classic ’90s cartoons like Doug or Daria, he’s also gone deep into “subvertising,” which is when an artist modifies an existing character or branding symbol and subverts it to make a political point. Ergo, the Nike checkmark dripping blood as a statement about the company’s use of sweatshop labor.

The newest KAWS collection will be for sale on Uniqlo’s website on June 28th and in stores the following day. You can check out the rest of the shirts here.