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This Unicorn Humidifier Will Solve So Many Sick Kid Problems

It'll delight your unicorn-loving kid while improving the air quality in their room.


One problem with humidifiers and sick kids is that a lot of humidifiers are scary and distracting. So, luckily, there is now a new humidifier that can solve all those problems, maybe. Enter, the Unicorn Humidifier!

If your kid is into unicorns, you know it. They probably take a unicorn backpack to school, write with unicorn pencils, play with a unicorn Fingerling, and spend their summers lounging in a unicorn pool float. And once they see Elodie the Unicorn Humidifier, they’re going to want it even if they can’t pronounce “humidifier” much less know what one does.

Elodie is a Kickstarter-funded project with dots for eyes, ovals for rosy cheeks, and a smiley face for a mouth. The overall look is Hello Kitty with a glow-in-the-dark horn (more of a bump, really) that spews vapor.

Humidifying your air has numerous health benefits, from reducing static electricity, limiting allergens, and lowering the risk of airborne viruses like the flu. More humid air can also help prevent dry skin and nosebleeds. But instead of a bland box, Elodie is a whimsical, round appliance that’ll fit nicely with your kid’s decor.

Elodie has a capacity of almost seven ounces, enough water to moisturize the air for about six to eight hours. You can also add essential oils to give your kid’s bedroom a refreshing scent, a safe option since you’re not about to give them candles and a lighter.

And because unicorns and rainbows go together like peanut butter and jelly, Elodie’s translucent shell conceals a light that can cycle through seven different colors or stay lit up in white as a more standard bedside light.

Elodie has an easy to use control panel located on the side. One button cycles through the lighting options and one controls the misting function. It also has the ability to shut off automatically after one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours.

Like any cool-mist humidifier, it’s important to clean Elodie regularly, as humidifiers can be magnets for bacteria and mold, stuff you don’t want to be circulating through your kid’s bedroom. That’s a small price to pay for better air quality and a delighted kid.