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Woman’s ‘Understanding Your Wife’ Seminar Is As Brilliant As It Is Hilarious

So that's what "I'm fine" really means...

Juggling the Jenkins/Facebook

Most men are familiar with the struggle of trying to decipher what women say versus what they really mean. To help husbands figure out their wives, mom blogger Tiffany Jenkins held a pretend “Understanding Your Wife 101” seminar, which she shared to Facebook on January 9.

“Here’s the thing about women: We’re not that complicated,” says Jenkins, who runs the popular blog Juggling the Jenkins. Met by a chorus of laughter, she adds, “We tend to struggle with saying what we mean, in hopes that you care enough to pay attention to the clues we give you. So today, we’re going to go over some of those clues.”

In the video, the mom of three asks the audience (which is a group of “men” each played by Jenkins) how they’d respond to various questions from their wives. She then shares how the wife would typically react, along with how the men can improve their answers.

For instance, describing a post-fight conversation, Jenkins says, “Let’s say you walk up to your wife and say, ‘Hey babe how are you doing?’ and she says ‘I’m fine.’ Abort mission. She’s not fine. Not even close to fine, actually.”

When one audience member starts to question why she would say she’s fine then, Jenkins interrupts, explaining, “If you guys loved us enough, you’d be able to look into our eyes and see that [we are not okay]. And there’s a good chance it’s your fault.”

She then teaches the men how to respond to the commonly-used “What did you just say?” Jenkins warns them, “Whatever you do, do not repeat yourself. Rephrase whatever you said.”

Understanding Your Wife 101

Understanding your wife 101….

Posted by Juggling The Jenkins on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Jenkins goes on to hilariously explain other popular phrases (including “Don’t worry about it”) that women use with men throughout the video, which already has nearly two million views on Facebook alone.