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Two-Year-Old Slugger Already Hits Better Than Most Little Leaguers

The kid outgrew tee ball before most kids even start playing.


Some kids just have a gift. For Graham Rioux, it’s the ability to absolutely crush a baseball. When the toddler got bored hitting Wiffle balls off of his plastic tee at 14-months-old, his parents started pitching to him. By the time that he turned 2-years-old, it was clear: Graham was more than just a tiny reincarnation of Roy Hobbs, he’s was a baseball prodigy.

“He plays every day, beginning as early as 6:30 am,” his mother Rebecca Rioux said. “And we usually have to drag him away to rest.” All the kid wants to do is swing the bat.

According to her, Graham has already started losing plenty of his balls in the neighbor’s yard ⏤ and they aren’t foul either. Back, back, back, back, back… gone! And if that doesn’t say a few things about the 2-year-old’s swing than you clearly haven’t seen the video of him hitting yet. Not only can he hit the ball with a nice amount of precision, but you can tell he spends as much time observing the game as he does playing it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Graham lives in a house full of baseball fans. The way he lines up his body, his follow through, all the way down to the way that he taps the head of the bat on the ground before he lines up; it’s all like he’s been watching people play the game and running over their moves in his mind for a few years already. Moreover, he’s getting pretty good at catching fly balls, fielding grounders, and gunning runners out at first base. And, by the looks of it, he’s not slowing down any time soon.

“He wants to go, go, go even when other kids get tired of it,” Rioux said. “We hope that he just continue to love being active, even if that means we have our hands full.”