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The Health Benefits Of Coffee Just Got Way More Fun

You’re a responsible parent, so it’s not like you going out raging every night, but let’s say poker night (or the flask you brought to that kid’s birthday party yesterday) has left you a little … how do you say … hung over. Your instinct is probably to grab a cup of coffee because it clears your head. Well, a new study in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology And Therapeutics (you don’t subscribe?) has great news: that cup of joe does a lot more than that.

A review of 9 long-term studies on chronic liver disease that included over a half million people found that coffee is surprisingly good at protecting against liver disease. Two cups a day cuts your risk of long-term liver damage nearly in half and it looks like caffeine may directly inhibit the growth of cells that cause liver cancer. That’s in addition to coffee’s other benefits, like staving off diabetes and Parkinson’s. Compared to some of your run-of-the-mill medicines, coffee is a wonder drug; take statin therapy as a point of comparison — it only cuts your risk of heart attack by 25 percent. And coffee has what doctors call an “excellent safety profile,” which means it doesn’t have any negative side effects. Unless you consider being more awake at work a negative side effect.

Central PerkWarner Bros/Everett

So there you have it: grabbing coffee after a big night (or whatever passes for a big night these days) is a great idea for a whole bunch of reasons. Go ahead and drink way more of it.

[H/T] Ask Men