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Twitter Users Share Their Weirdest Childhood Fears

From 'the planet Venus' to 'butts getting unscrewed,' things got very strange very quickly.

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As adults, we like to fondly look back on childhood as a time of joy, wonder, and imagination ⏤ completely free of worry or care. Of course, in reality, childhood is a time filled with confusion and fear. Kids often understand so little of the world around them that even the most seemingly harmless object can be a source of unfathomable terror. And that’s why Twitter user Sofie Hagan asked users to share the weirdest fears they had as a kid. The results, unsurprisingly, are odd and hilarious.

Sofie kicked things off by admitting that she was frightened of dying in an event that had occurred nearly a century before she was born.

Others quickly got involved, including one guy who probably saw Jaws at too young of an age.

A lot of people confessed to being really scared of animals, like this guy’s extremely specific fear about wolves.

Meanwhile, Louisa admitted to having some strange ideas about how stuffed animals work.

Dru Stephenson was so scared of vampires that it still affects her sleeping habits.

Like a lot of kids, Jim worried that inanimate objects would come to life and attack.

Some people admitted that they were even afraid of food brand mascots.

While many of the fears were goofy and fun, others revealed the intense loneliness and isolation that comes with being a kid.

And some childhood fears are so vague and terrifying that they cannot be fully explained or understood, like fearing an entire planet that you’ve never been to.

But of course, no list would be complete without some classic misconceptions about how belly buttons and butts work.